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My name Kevin Sullivan, I am a photographer / digital art enthusiast from Palm Desert Ca. In art, I pursue the marriage of technology and nature, I feel they are not at odds, but rather can enhance the appreciation of one another. I am driven by a love and a respect of nature, and of gadgets and tech tools. ;-)


            I have always been drawn to nature, I love to share about what I see there, but find language lacking in its ability to convey feeling and meaning. I found a great Ansel Adams quote that does a great job of describing the ineffable vision of nature revealing it’s true self:

            It was one of those mornings when the sunlight is burnished by a keen wind and long feathers of cloud move in a lofty sky. The silver light turned every blade of grass and every particle of sand into a luminous metallic splendor: there was nothing, however small, that did not clash in the bright wind, that did not send arrows of lights through the glassy air. I was suddenly arrested in the long crunching path up the ridge by an exceedingly pointed awareness of the light.  The moment I paused, the full impact of the mood was upon me. I saw more clearly than I have ever seen before or since the minute detail of the grasses, the clusters of the sand shifting in the wind, the small flotsam of the forest, the motion of the high clouds streaming above the peaks. There are words to convey the moods of those moments.

                                                                                    Ansel Adams, Ca, 1923.

I find closeness with nature has the effect of enhancing my attention to detail. The experience leaves me feeling a part of the environment. I find myself driven by a similar desire to communicate what I feel, and find photography is a great outlet I enjoy finding what I like about a particular subject, and then try to present it in a way that shares some aspect of its beauty.

I recently switched to digital equipment, and am really enjoying it. The technology is quickly approaching the dynamic range of good film, so there is not that much loss at this point.

I LOVE post shutter work, and my tool of choice is Photoshop. With the capacity to affect images to the extent that Photoshop does, I have been slowly discovering the nuisances of photoshop as a tool in much the same way that photography itself has unfolded.


            The more I played with Photoshop, the more I felt drawn to digital, rather than traditional, drawing.

            I enjoy experimenting with energy flow and deep rich colors. I started most of work by experimenting with the Indian art form of the Godseye, using the medium of color pencil on typical 60 mil art paper. I was able to get the control over color blending that seemed to escape me with more fluid mediums such as oil paints.

            I got to a point where I wanted to affect my work in ways that I could simply not do with pencil and paper. I had heard about Photoshop, I didn’t even know what it did, but intuitively knew it was what I needed to go where I wanted to go.

            I started with version (2.5, no layers!) and went from there.  I tend to approach my pieces as ‘studies into’ using a topical goal such as ‘wind sweep motion’ as a starting point. I then modulate through a change, taking a layer or part of the piece and alter it slightly, and continue in that fashion. I use a ‘journey’ approach to discover most of art.


Current: Canon 5d, 24-105 L series Zoom lens, 70-200 L series zoom lens.

Old: Minolta 7000 SLR auto focus. 28-80 3.5, 100-200 4.5, 80-210 2.8, 400 5.6 lens. I use both negative and slide film, and general consider the computer my true dark room.

I use Adobe image-editing tools, Photoshop and image ready CS2, and Dreamweaver with for web work. The godseye images all start with color pencil drawings, and are then scanned into Photoshop.

Contact info:

P.O. Box 3152
Rancho Mirage, Ca 92270


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