Adobe Adobe's Main Site
Andrew Rodney Color Management, lots of very good Tips and Tricks on Photoshop Setup
Apple Computer Speaks for itself
Bill Atkinson - Nature Images Bill Atkinson, my unofficial mentor. His work is tremendous.
Color Vision Specialists in Color Management Software and Hardware (OptiCAL and Spyder)
CreativePRO A web site for Professional Photographers and Image Makers, lots of good reviews
DP Review Masses of information on Digital Cameras
Computer Darkroom A great all around Photography site (Its where I borrowed this great links page)
Stock Images by Foto Search A good stock Photography site. The Online Photographic and Digital Club, hosted by Tony Riley
Lars Ekdahl Lars has put together a host of his favorite Digital Imaging Links.
Eye-One Color The Eye-One Color Spectrophotometer. Profiles CRT and LCD Displays + Printers
GretagMacbeth Home page for large Color Management Companies
Steve Hoffmann Steve Hoffman's Nature Site - The site also contains review material on Nikon Scanners
Stephen Johnson A hardcore digital photographer, he does not use film, only digital from start to finish.
Inkjet Mall If your into Archival printing, Piezography B&W, etc. then visit Jon Cones web site
Joe Holmes Home page for Joe Holmes - superb nature and landscape photography
Mike Levin's Photo Gallery A very good Landscape and Nature Photography Site, well worth a visit
Landscape Perspective This landscape and nature photography web site shows the work of Larry Malvin.
LaserSoft Imaging LaserSoft "SilverFast" quite simply the best scanning package available!!!
Luminous-Landscape Home page for Michael H. Reichmann, Landscape images plus plenty of useful Tips
MaxArt Home page of Barry Haynes and Wendy Crumpler, Authors of Photoshop X Artistry
Monaco Systems Home page for Monaco Systems,  specialists in Color Management Software
Pat O'Hara Photography An "Excellent" Nature and Landscape site, well worth a visit
Photo-i UK based web site authored by Vincent Oliver contains News and Reviews.
Pictographics High Quality Color Management Solutions - ColorSynergy, iCorrect and inCamera
Steves Digi-Cams A very useful site for those interested in Digital Cameras
Wayne Fulton's Scan Tips The ultimate scanner site, need to know how to get good scans, then you must visit this site
Wises Wilderness Let a bushwalker turned photographer, Geoff Wise, lead you on an armchair journey to Australia
JK Yogurt The Best Yogurt in the Cochella Valley!

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